Sugar-free life lesson

About six months ago, I eliminated sugar from my diet, as much as is possible, anyway. I cut all sauces and condiments. I quit eating bananas, apples and grapes, even though they’re the easiest fruit to travel with and take to work. (I still eat berries, which have a lower glycemic index.) No honey, no goat milk yogurt, no squash, no chocolate. As the months passed by, it became more burdensome, but it made a pretty significant difference with my pain and my super-sensitive stomach was less upset. So I stuck with it.

Two weeks ago, I fainted and fell down at home. I didn’t get hurt, but I figured it wasn’t a good sign. I’d also noticed my fatigue worsening over the past month or two. I decided to seek an opinion from a dietician. I found out I was pretty much overdoing it with the sugar elimination. Your body needs some carbs to function and I was eating probably a third of the recommended minimum. OK then. So I’ve added some stuff back in. Side note: Today, I mixed unsweetened almond milk yogurt with a scoop of raw honey and, after six months of very little sugar and zero sweeteners, it tasted like I was eating a cup of frosting!

It’s so easy to judge other people when you’re not in their shoes, isn’t it? Following my diagnosis of fibromyalgia, I’ve gained some perspective on the human tendency to judge a person whose life you don’t live or judge a situation you’ve never experienced yourself. As much as I’d like it to be, nothing is black and white, and life isn’t straightforward. It’s wrapped up with ribbons of constantly changing variables that impact the choices people make, the things they do. Fibromyalgia impacts my life in ways I wouldn’t have guessed and didn’t know existed six months ago. Knowing that has helped me be more open to other people.

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