I choose to nap!

Last Friday afternoon, a group of people from work decided to go out for a beer at 4 o’clock. Two of my coworkers asked if I was coming and I said yes, even though I wasn’t really in the mood. My boss stuck his head in on his way out and asked if I was coming. I said I was leaving in five and would see him there. 

I did leave five minutes later. But by the time I got to my car, set my things in the passenger seat, got in the driver’s seat, buckled up and started driving, I was running on empty. (I mention each of those meaningless steps involved with leaving work because each one seems to take a lot of effort at the end of a work day!) I drove right past the bar where they all were and I considered going in for just 15 minutes, but the thought of parking, walking into the building and socializing for even that short amount of time was more than I knew I could handle. I had dinner plans later and I needed to save what little energy I had left for that outing. So I kept driving. When I got home, I texted my boss I wasn’t going to make it to the bar. I felt bad, but that’s part of life I guess.

I took a short nap before I met my friend for dinner later. And of course, I ran into my boss at the restaurant. He mentioned my skipping drinks after work. Sigh …

When stuff like that happens, do you feel obligated to explain yourself? He doesn’t know about the F word and I don’t want to tell him. Telling him I skipped the bar to go home and nap before dinner would sound … weird. So I didn’t say anything. I know I don’t owe him an explanation, but I don’t like the idea of him speculating on the reasons I didn’t go.

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