Seeking comfort

I am hooked on an NPR podcast I recently discovered: NPR’s Hidden Brain. Hidden Brain has an episode called Creature Comforts in which a woman talks about sleeping with her baby blanket into adulthood, into marriage. She discusses the idea that society expects people to grow out of this habit, to not need that touch or comfort anymore. This is a silly idea. Isn’t comfort everything we all seek, physically and emotionally? 

I may be biased in supporting her stance: I still sleep with my baby blanket. Not only does it bring me emotional comfort, but it’s also the perfect thing to support my head and neck at night. I don’t use a pillow in bed; the angle of having my head on a pillow is too much for my neck. However, my baby blanket is the perfect height and softness for support when I turn onto my side in keeping my spine aligned. And when lying on my back, it keeps my head from rolling too far to the left, which can cause muscle tightness and pain in the morning. My kitty also loves to snuggle with it, and her comfort is important, too!

Everyone has his or her own struggles, whether it’s an invisible illness, relationship troubles or something else. Comfort helps us get through our days in this world. I’m not too grown up embrace comfort in my life. Bring on the baby blanket, hugs and hot coffee. Let’s hygge!

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